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kick up your salad with tequila lime dressing cooking - in a food processor add lime juice honey and tequila pulse to combine add cilantro and process until smooth set the food processor to lowest setting and slowly add the olive oil, mezcal tequila sotol bacanora raicilla pulque and - as you certainly all know by now any distilled agave based spirit is a mezcal so under the broad category of mezcal we have a variety of spirits that are unique in their own right, tequila villa lobos 100 agave wine and spirit international - tequila villa lobos 100 agave tequila villa lobos 100 agave voted best tequila 2015 at the san francisco international spirits competition, tres generaciones triple distilled tequila - super premium 100 blue agave triple distilled tequila representing the pioneering spirit and combined knowledge of more than 135 years of continuous production, in search of the blue agave tequila in south africa - south africa tequila s new competitor closes agaves particularly the mexican blue agave were introduced into south africa within the last century and a half, what s the difference between tequila and mezcal food - they re produced in different regions while there is some geographical overlap tequila and mezcal primarily come from different regions of mexico, 1921 tequila reposado tequila reviews at tequila net - 1921 reposado tequila is a handcrafted 100 blue agave limited production copper distilled tequila single barrel aged with jalisco highland estate owned agave and finished in beautiful handcrafted bottles, fortaleza history tequila fortaleza - la historia de tequila fortaleza tequila fortaleza launched in 2005 so we are relatively new to the market but we have over 140 years of history behind our brand, centinela tequila reposado tequila reviews at tequila net - centinela tequila is the flagship brand from the distillery of the same name originally established in 1894 the centinela distillery continues to be a family run business creating award winning tequilas with a refined rich almost creamy house style, 16 tequila songs for national tequila day or any other - tequila means trouble that s what we like about it it isn t necessarily any stronger than any other distilled spirit it contains no mystery ingredients with suspect powers like the wormwood in absinthe it isn t deceptively sweet which might encourage injudicious consumption, in search of the blue agave distilling tequila ian chadwick - tequila distillation after agave wort mosto has finished fermentation it is ready to distill at this point the wort is between 4 and 7 alcohol, five reasons tequila is good for you forbes - 5 tequila is mexico in a bottle you re not tasting only liquor you re tasting history says becherano maya jaime salas brand ambassador of milagro tequila calls the drink a national, backstreet boys celebrity tequila brand tasting table - during a recent show at the moon palace resort in cancun the backstreet boys shared major breaking news with tt about their plan to launch their own tequila, top 10 blanco tequilas food wine foodandwine com - if you blithely follow the interwebs you may have come to the conclusion that tequila is a miracle drink in the past year stories have bounced around about the wonders of mexico s most famous, george clooney s tequila company sold for up to 1 billion - george clooney is an award winning actor a new father and a world class prankster now he can add start up founder who hit the jackpot to his r sum casamigos the tequila brand that mr, restaurant bar la zebra tulum - chef eleazar bonilla was raised in santiago de quer taro mexico by a mother who was an exceptional cook and baker and a father who was a tortillero, rick bayless mexico one plate at a time season 1 - season 1 the whole enchilada highlights from our inaugural season include ceviche in the limelight ceviche traditional mexican lime marinated seafood with green chiles and tomato it s so ancient so simple holy mole rich complex and shrouded in mystery red mole is widely regarded as the crowning achievement of mexican cooking, puerto vallarta travel lonely planet - puerto vallarta cooking class with market tour and tastings this 5 hour foodie experience is a window into the culinary culture of puerto vallarta and mexico providing a deeper understanding of the region s cuisine, truly mexican essential recipes and techniques for - amazing authentic mexican cooking for the home kitchen mexican cuisine is an american favorite from coast to coast but many people are too intimidated to try cooking real mexican meals in their own kitchens, types of alcoholic beverages list names abv calories - a comprehensive list of popular alcoholic beverages beers wines spirits liqueurs from all over the world production alcohol content and calories, villa del palmar at the islands of loreto loreto mexico - if you re looking for a truly relaxing vacation an all inclusive resort is probably the best answer once you ve booked your rooms packed up your things made the trip there and checked in you don t have to worry about much food drinks spa and other activities are included in the price so you can fully enjoy everything the resort has to offer without going back to your wallet, the grand at moon palace cancun best all inclusive resort - swept away lover s paradise imagine elegance to the hilt days brimming with promise the melding of luxury technology and convenience alluring magical nights and having your every craving satisfied the moment you feel the urge