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kick up your salad with tequila lime dressing cooking - tequila isn t just good at giving you massive headaches the day after it s also an excellent cooking ingredient by bonnie rodriguez, mezcal tequila sotol bacanora raicilla pulque and - related posts tequila vs mezcal holy smoke it s mezcal the revised 2nd edition is now available the 10 most expensive mezcals you can buy mezcal brands found in the u s, tequila villa lobos 100 agave wine and spirit international - tequila villa lobos los hombres 100 agave 10 year aged tequila villa lobos los hombres limited edition 100 agave tequila villa lobos los hombres celebrates the collaboration of the camarena and sklar families as well as the 80th anniversary of la alte a distillery in jalisco where tequila has been produced by the camarena family since 1937 the world famous tequilero carlos, tres generaciones triple distilled tequila - o ur r ich h istory t hree g enerations of d ons today it s part of a renowned celebrated tequila legacy but our rich tradition began in 1873 with one visionary don cenobio in the agave fields of tequila mexico, in search of the blue agave tequila in south africa - south africa tequila s new competitor closes agaves particularly the mexican blue agave were introduced into south africa within the last century and a half, what s the difference between tequila and mezcal food - they re produced in different regions while there is some geographical overlap tequila and mezcal primarily come from different regions of mexico, 1921 tequila reposado tequila reviews at tequila net - 1921 tequila reposado is produced with 100 blue weber estate grown agave double distilled in stainless steel pot stills containing copper coils it is aged for a minimum of 6 months in new american oak barrels bearing a medium char 1921 tequila undergoes a careful production process in a state, fortaleza history tequila fortaleza - la historia de tequila fortaleza tequila fortaleza launched in 2005 so we are relatively new to the market but we have over 140 years of history behind our brand, centinela tequila reposado tequila reviews at tequila net - tequila centinela reposado tequila centinela reposado is 100 agave and aged up to 18 months in previously used bourbon barrels tequila centinela was established in 1904 and was the first distillery located in arandas jalisco, 16 tequila songs for national tequila day or any other - tequila means trouble that s what we like about it it isn t necessarily any stronger than any other distilled spirit it contains no mystery ingredients with suspect powers like the wormwood in absinthe it isn t deceptively sweet which might encourage injudicious consumption, in search of the blue agave distilling tequila ian chadwick - join us on please become a fan talk tequila join the discussion forum to ask questions make comments vote in polls rate your favourite tequilas or simply meet other tequila aficionados tequila sips the traditional stone or brick oven is called a horno hence the name of sauza s hornitos, five reasons tequila is good for you forbes - 5 tequila is mexico in a bottle you re not tasting only liquor you re tasting history says becherano maya jaime salas brand ambassador of milagro tequila calls the drink a national, backstreet boys celebrity tequila brand tasting table - justin timberlake carlos santana diddy sammy hagar and adam levine have all been involved with different tequila brands in various capacities, top 10 blanco tequilas food wine foodandwine com - if you blithely follow the interwebs you may have come to the conclusion that tequila is a miracle drink in the past year stories have bounced around about the wonders of mexico s most famous, george clooney s tequila company sold for up to 1 billion - george clooney is an award winning actor a new father and a world class prankster now he can add start up founder who hit the jackpot to his r sum casamigos the tequila brand that mr, restaurant bar la zebra tulum - are you ready to embark on a unique journey of discovery into the exciting flavors of mexico we present the best culinary event chef s table where chef eleazar bonilla delights the senses with his 8 course tasting menus, puerto vallarta travel mexico lonely planet - puerto vallarta cooking class with market tour and tastings this 5 hour foodie experience is a window into the culinary culture of puerto vallarta and mexico providing a deeper understanding of the region s cuisine, truly mexican essential recipes and techniques for - amazing authentic mexican cooking for the home kitchen mexican cuisine is an american favorite from coast to coast but many people are too intimidated to try cooking real mexican meals in their own kitchens, types of alcoholic beverages list names abv calories - a comprehensive list of popular alcoholic beverages beers wines spirits liqueurs from all over the world production alcohol content and calories, villa del palmar at the islands of loreto loreto mexico - villa del palmar at the islands of loreto loreto mexico from the 101 best all inclusive resorts in the world gallery, the grand at moon palace cancun best all inclusive resort - a worthy excuse to we love to spoil our guests resort credit it s not just another day in paradise it could mean 1 500 stay 5 8 nights and make your stay even more magical with 1 500 to indulge in primping and pampering at the spa championship golf exotic tours romantic dinners scuba diving and swimming with dolphins wedding collections and more