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mesha rashi 2018 2019 predictions hindupad - mesha rashi 2018 2019 predictions aries moon sign 2018 2019 vedic astrology predictions mesha rasi palan mesha rashifal mesha rasi phalalu in hindu calendar panchangam the year 2018 2019 is vilamba nama samvatsaram vilambi nama samvatsaram mesha rashi shani transit 2017 2020 predictions mesha rasi is comprised of all padas or charans of ashwini nakshatra bharani nakshatram and, rashi and nakshatra which nakshatra belongs to which - rashi or zodiac sign moon sign of the native is categorized based on the nakshatram or janm nakshatra of the native every nakshatra has 4 padas some nakshatras are partly categorized under two different rashis some hindu astrology concepts calculate a native s rashi based on his date of birth whereas other calculate based on the janm, how to read panchang panchangam panjika - what is panchangam these are basic rules for muhurtha a good muhurtha is fortified lagna astrologers use fortified lagna in muhurtha in such case doshas arising out of these rules may get nullified, naming a baby using vedic astrology numerology - how to select a baby name through vedic astrology numerology becoming a father or mother is a real blessing it brings a lot of changes around us couples plan a lot before extending the family naming is always on top of the list among other things but the big question is do they name the child