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come and get it the best of apple records - come and get it the best of apple records is the first commercially issued multi artist compilation in the label s history this 21 track compilation of singles ranges from the folk rooted tunes of mary hopkin and james taylor and the energetic rock of badfinger also the iveys and jackie lomax to the deep soul of doris troy and billy preston, sex drink and punch ups chatham through the ages - let us dear readers take a walk on the wild side a trip through the seamier side of medway s history we are talking about low dives iniquitous inns tawdry taverns and pubs that your mother warned you about, stock car racing in britain seniors f1s in the sixties - action in the late sixties 204 geoff buck from ashton under lyne lancs is the meat in an ansell wignall sandwich geoff buck raced from 1968 to 1971 but which track is this, two proud schools in the heart of the city medway memories - here is a tale of two city schools one was knocked down but still thrives the other building remains gloriously but the school has vanished, southampton sixties music scene venues - welcome to my ongoing memories of the great pop group boom of the early sixties in my home town of southampton england if you have already read through my other webpages then you will have learnt about many of the top bands and venues that we often appeared at, boys toys of the fifties and sixties memorable catalog - boys toys of the fifties and sixties memorable catalog pages from the legendary sears christmas wishbooks 1950 1969 thomas w holland roebuck and company sears on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers if you were a boy growing up in the fifties or sixties you ll surely remember these wonderful old sears, game shows classic game shows 1974 tvparty - as far as i m concerned 1970 s era game shows were some of the funniest programs ever broadcast on television i found this stuff hilarious as a kid, eel pie island l auberge contacts and memories - eel pie island l auberge contacts and memories if you want your memories added to this page email me at weed wussu com please let me know whether you want your email address included, color revolution television in the sixties tvobscurities - the nbc peacock identification bumper exhibited above which appeared before the start of virtually every color program on the network is the one that aired on the network from 1962 through 1970 mel brandt is the nbc announcer delivering the disclaimer, junketmemories junket desserts shopping cart - my mother was a very smart lady when it came to using her culinary skills as a bribe for better behavior of her four kids in the early 1960 s we were promised two dishes of junket every night after dinner raspberry or banana if we were good kids during that day, susan hart starlet from the surf sixties cinema - susan hart was born in wenatchaee washington the apple capital of the world when she was in the second grade her family began spending the winters in palm springs california and the summers in washington because her mother had contracted tuberculosis, memories of faringdon faringdon community website - send your memories of faringdon it can be for any era contact form it could be about schools youth club memorable people police shops pubs bailey bridge during the war colespits the folly whitsun confetti battle corn exchange cinema railway station church choir radcot river the coronation town councillors the villages around, boomerbaby com our childhood memories of television and - we need your memories click the mail a memory button above to send your memories be sure you include your first name city state province and year of birth, carl s jr memories orange county memories - does anyone recall the existence of a mid sixties fast food hamburger joint known as heinz i recall one of these carl s jr dopplegangers in anaheim on euclid ave just north of ball rd curious because the maiden name of carl karcher s wife just happened to be heinz, doo wop shoo bop contemporary vocal group cds - there are many great vocal groups performing today but many of us don t get the opportunity to see them fortunately many of these talented groups have cds available, memories of ladywood welcome to old ladywood - memories of john moult i was born in st marks street little end as we called it i lived at no 35 from 1948 until 1963 when we moved to stechford, nashville memories nashlinks com - 1 harvey s nativity scene at the parthenon in centennial park the nativity scene featured life size figures with lights that faded from white to blue to red and christmas carols on the sound system, joyce meadows she battled the sixties cinema books - joyce meadows was born joyce burger in a prairie town in a providence of alberta canada she grew up on a farm near the black foot indian reservation, page 5 of retro milwaukee memories - northwest side memories as a child of the mostly 60 s and 70 s growing up on the northwest side of milwaukee invokes tons of memories many of which have already been mentioned, livin up norf sixties style - the inane ramblings of a sixties islington boy any mention of london s east end to those not familiar with the capital immediately conjure up pictures of whitechapel alleyways stalked by jack the ripper and ron and reggie