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asp net web api 2 recipes a problem solution approach - asp net web api 2 recipes a problem solution approach filip wojcieszyn on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers asp net web api 2 recipes provides you with the code to solve a full range of web api problems and question marks that you might face when developing line of business applications asp net web api 2 recipes gives you an in depth explanation for each of these, asp net web api the asp net site - asp net web api is a framework that makes it easy to build http services that reach a broad range of clients including browsers and mobile devices asp net web api is an ideal platform for building restful applications on the net framework, asp net web api 2 building a rest service from start to - the asp net mvc framework has always been a good platform on which to implement rest based services but the introduction of the asp net web api framework raised the bar to a whole new level, dealing with large files in asp net web api strathweb a - there are a couple of things to consider when dealing with large file uploads and asp net web api first of all there are typical issues related to hosting within iis context and the limitations imposed on the service by default by the asp net framework secondly there is the usual problem of, create an entity framework model and use it in multiple - c and net have been around for a very long time but their constant growth means there s always more to learn we at dotnetcurry are very excited to announce the pre order of the absolutely awesome book on c and net this is a concise technical ebook and will be available in pdf epub and mobi, asp net mvc jquery ajax calls and the html - i like the solution provided by 360airwalk but it may be improved a bit the first problem is that if you make post with empty data jquery doesn t add a content type header and in this case asp net mvc fails to receive and check the token so you have to ensure the header is always there, ideas o reilly media - deriving meaning in a time of chaos the intersection between chaos engineering and observability crystal hirschorn discusses how organizations can benefit from combining established tech practices with incident planning post mortem driven development chaos engineering and observability, how to enable ssl for a net project in visual studio - say you have a net mvc or web api project and you d like to run it on ssl in other words you d like to start up the project on a url similar to https localhost xxxx the first step is easy you just select the mvc web api project name in the solution and locate the property called ssl, current openings join us alten calsoft labs - must have good experience in l2 l3 network protocol testing along with an exposure to cloud infrastructure and virtualization excellent troubleshooting abilities spanning multiple software and hardware components such as switches storage systems kernels and containers, latest cruise news cruiseserver net - book a cruise cruiseservercruiseserver search caribbean search alaska search europe 888 700 trip book online cruise air hotel car, if your wcf service is unexpectedly receiving a null - an interesting problem ate up an hour and a half of my life yesterday morning it was all to do with a wcf service the parameter that i was carefully formulating on one end of the wire and passing to my service proxy was not being received by my service at the other end instead it was getting a null value, net misfitgeek joe stagner - password strength is a key factor in account security for weeb applications as developers we all have a basic understanding of what a secure password is but the averge consumer of internet applications doesn t so adding a visual indicator when your user selectes a password is a great feature, room kneo asahi net or jp - android dave smith jeff friesen, the international man s glossary a z something about - the international man s glossary a z colloquialisms concepts explanations expressions idioms quotations sayings and words